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Rod Cox  rod@cape.uk.net         1 City Walls, Chester  CH1 2JG

Chester & Palestine Exchanges (CAPE) Ltd is a company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England & Wales No.6285461   
Registered office: 4 Abbey Square Chester CH1 2HU.

Co-ordinating Palestinian links initiatives by  cap, CUPPS, CILA, & the University of Chester; and managing Chester's Friendship Agreement with Jericho

Constitution: CAPE is incorporated as a company – Chester and Palestine Exchanges Limited - limited by Guarantee and non-profit making.
Aims & Objectives: CAPE’s ambition is to bring facts, human stories & reality of Palestine to a wider audience.  “We need to understand the scale of human rights abuse if we are to end it.”

Rod Cox Property Developer is the Chair. He is a Partner in the Thompson Cox Partnership, and a director or partner of several related companies.

CAPE is not a membership organisation, it is a vehicle for project delivery.