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Historical Calendar of the Exhibition

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Guidelines for Exhibitors
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Started when Rod Cox travelled to Gaza with the Aid Convoy in February 2009.

More than fifty pieces of Art, some funny, some tragic, many beautiful, together with commentary and supplementary information booklet are the basis of this exhibition. Additionally short videos will replace text  in some locations, and a transit size van will act as a micro cinema for shorts about Palestine where practicable.

The exhibition was collected by Rod in March and April 2009, and displaying the work in Europe is the result of a promise made to the schools and Youth Groups that he visited. The exhibition is intended to educate us in the West, and provide a psychological boost to those involved in Palestine, helping them to believe that they are not isolated and restoring some self-esteem. The project is supported in this regard by Gaza Community Health, The Gaza Ministry of Education, UNESCO, and various Youth Groups and NGOs.

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Loss of Innocence           

An Exhibition of Children’s Art from Gaza


Dear Sirs


UNESCO as the UN organization for higher education, research and culture, has learned about Rod Cox, his van in Gaza and his efforts for a childrens arts exhibition to Europe.

UNESCO supports his project in principle and regards it very beneficiary for the sake of the children and their involvement, and the exhibition as a voice of the suffering Palestinians in the closure of Gaza.

UNESCO supports his task of bringing his van to Europe thereby raising funds for children in Gaza and as a message from them to Europe.

We ask Egypt to let him into Egypt and to allow him to bring his van back to Europe for this purpose.


Yours sincerely


Øyvind Wistrøm

Education specialist

UNESCO HQ Ramallah oPt